Thursday, June 9, 2011

Austin TX

Well, I am back home in Austin for a little more than a day.

Kelly and I got in yesterday afternoon. We came home, got the laundry going and did some work to catch up in my office before Mom and Dad came  over for dinner. We had a great meal, gave dad some bodywork and acupuncture and then went to bed. After a long night's sleep, I got up, did my morning practices and am checking in here on my blog before settling into some asana and appointments that come later in the day.

Like I wrote about, the trip to Hawaii was pretty great and proved to be full of insight, learning and opportunities to explore. I head out tomorrow morning to Tacoma Park, MD to hang out with the great folks at Willow Street Yoga. I am really looking forward to being there as I know many members of that community already and several people have told me they will be joining me for the weekend. Willow Street Yoga is a long-standing Ansuara Yoga hub of teaching, training and community. It's super great for me to be invited there.

A few things coming up in Austin that I want everyone to know about are:

I am offering an Anusara Yoga Master Class and Book Signing at Castle Hill Fitness Center on June 23. I am really looking forward to it and I would appreciate your support and attendance. We will have a great class and some time afterwards to be together as a community with food, music and so on. $30 includes the class and a copy of My Body is a Temple: Yoga as a Path to Wholeness. This book has been a big achievement for me as so much went into the writing and publishing of it and I would love for you to celebrate with me and even more importantly, it will be a great chance to hang out together as a community.

Also on July 4th I am offering a Group Practice at Castle Hill from 9:30-12:00. You can sign up for that at Castle Hill soon. I will post the flyer and link as soon as they have it ready.

I am teaching the Wednesday Night Anusara Yoga Group Practice 4 more times, so please join me when you can this summer. Come this fall, I am going to shift my schedule and step out of that commitment.  Until then, I will be at The Castle teaching on: 
June 22  *   July 6  *   July 13 *   July 20   

Also- I am finalizing some details for book signing/parties in Los Angeles in July, Boulder in August and New York City in September. Stay tuned for details about those events!

Okay-  now is time for some asana!


Jenn said...

Excited to take a class with you at Willow Street this weekend!

Christina Sell said...

It's going to be great!