Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anusara Yoga Teacher Christina Sell Talks About Teaching With Friends

Kelly filmed this short video clip and compiled it a few weeks ago and I have not had a lot of time or where-with-all to introduce it properly. We were actually just sitting around after dinner talking about how excited I am about some of the upcoming events I have planned this year and the way some of work had been unfolding over the last few years, particularly in the domain of collaborative teaching. I had a few words to say about it that he got on film.

So to make this little video into a promotional opportunity- take note of the upcoming events:

*Me and D are mid-Immersion Cycle right now with Part 2 beginning on Wednesday in Tucson and carrying on through the year with Part 3 in May, TT 1 in August, TT2 in October, and TT3 in December. (

* Me and Christy Nones are teaching Easter Weekend in Miami. (

* Me and Ross are teaching in Austin April 28-29. (

*Me and Noah begin begin an Immersion Cycle in Los Angeles in May, Part 2 in June, and Part 3 in August. Teacher Training in November and December. (

* Me and Darren and Amy are teaching a program specifically for people who have graduated from an immersion in Tucson May 18-22. (

* Not pictured in this short clip but Jeanie Manchester and I are gonna teach an intermediate/adv. intensive in Boulder this summer. August 19-21 (

*Also, scheduled since this was filmed is a weekend at Dig Yoga in Lambertville, NJ with Sue and Naime September 16-18. (
For more information about any of these programs, please contact the studios directly.

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