Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So Wow

So wow, it has been a big day of working at the computer and getting everything all lined out for my upcoming trip. I leave Thursday for a trip to California: Thursday I am in Santa Cruz, Friday I am in Petrolia, and Saturday and Sunday I am in Arcata.

Then on Monday I fly to Arizona. From the 9th to the 22nd I am on retreat and totally off the grid.  I will spend two weeks in Prescott, a week teaching Teacher Training 3 with Darren in Tucson and a week teaching teacher Training 1 with Noah in Los Angeles. By that time its mid December, I come home for a few days, head out to Florida to teach for the weekend and then home until the New Year's extravaganza with me, Noah and Darren in Tucson. Whew.

So-- getting everything together to be away from home that long has been somewhat consuming, especially since my patient but insistent editor needed revisions complete before I go on retreat and today was pretty much the day to get that done! At any rate, that is just the ebb and flow these days. I am definitely looking forward to being on retreat and having some time alone to dive deeper into my practices and to rest and rejuvenate.

I have lots on my mind to share but its getting a bit late at night and my mental clarity is not exactly at its height tonight. I did want to mention that I am starting a new Online Mentor Group in November while I am away. The group begins November 15th and runs through February 28th. Here is some basic information about the course. If you want some more information and an application for admission,  just send me an email at yogamentor108@gmail.com.

This 16-week Mentoring Program is designed to take the experienced Anusara Yoga student deeper into the art of teaching Anusara Yoga and prepare them to apply the principles of teaching Anusara Yoga to their unique teaching circumstances. Special attention will be spent on preparing videos for both the Anusara and Anusara-Inspired assessment processes.
This unique class will meet online in a virtual classroom. Each week Christina Sell will post a lesson online with video clips and suggested teaching drills designed to bring teaching theory to life. Students will be invited to post their thoughts, comments, concerns and teaching challenges online, giving them a chance to clarify their own process, to receive feedback and assistance from the group and to assist Christina in preparing lessons and assignments that are as relevant and personalized as possible. Students will receive homework and reading assignments designed to enhance the “classroom” work.
General Topics will include:
  • Developing Heart-based themes
  • Honing Articulation Skills
  • Developing Sequences for introducing the Universal Principles of Alignment
  • Sequencing Strategies for teaching Beginning, Mixed-Level and Advanced Classes
  • Observation Skills and creative methods for  teaching to what you see 
  • Making effective verbal adjustments
  • Preparing videos for assessment and navigating the assessment process
  • 108- hour Anusara Yoga Immersion
  • 30-hour Anusara Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training
  • Must be teaching one asana class weekly
Tuition: $500

All right, that's about it for tonight. Tomorrow is a day of teaching and finalizing packing and last minute details. Perhaps I will have a moment or two to be a bit more reflective...


mark said...

what in the world are you doing in petrolia?!?!? Are you teaching there? Isn't that like the smallest town on the west coast?

Christina Sell said...

Something like that. But hey, I do my best to I go where I am invited. It's on the way to Arcata and there is an Anusara Yoga enclave there.